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  • Wyoming Rangelands Await Break in La Nina Directing Moisture North

    Wyoming agricultural producers are wrestling events outside their control as La Nina off the west coast of the Americas pushes moisture-laden storms on a northern track and seemingly tightening drought’s grip on their rangelands. National Weather Service

  • Op-Ed: A World Without the Beef Checkoff

    By CBB Chair Hugh Sanburg. With the holidays now far behind us, few people are giving thought to the cozy evening they likely spent watching “It’s a Wonderful Life.” For those unfamiliar with the 1946 classic film,

  • MT Wheat and Barley Committee to Host Panels on Ag Research

    The Montana Wheat and Barley Committee will host a series of research review panels on March 3, 2021 in cooperation with the Montana State University College of Agriculture and Montana Agricultural Experiment Station (MAES). The event, titled

  • South Dakota Rancher Selected as FSA Administrator

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced late last week the appointment of Gloria Montaño Greene as Deputy Under Secretary for Farm Production and Conservation (FPAC) and the appointment of Zach Ducheneaux as Administrator of the Farm Service

  • South Dakota Legislature Passes COOL Resolution

    The 96th South Dakota Legislature unanimously passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 604, “A Resolution to Support Trade Negotiations to Remove Barriers to Country of Origin Labeling.” This resolution updated a similar resolution from previous sessions to be more

  • American Sheep Producers Collect $156 million from CFAP

    As of Feb. 15, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has paid out more than $156 million to the American sheep industry through the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program. The American Sheep Industry Association paved the way for lambs,

  • Buckwheat: A Hazard to Montana’s Export Markets

    As farmers prepare for spring planting, the Montana Wheat and Barley Committee is reminding producers to ensure that wheat shipments destined for export are buckwheat-free. In light of the ongoing global pandemic, food safety has become one

  • Montana’s Meat Processors Express Concern Over Meat Packing Compact Bill

    House Bill 336 was introduced in the Montana House of Representatives in partnership with other states to create an Interstate Cooperative Meatpacking Compact. The purpose is to streamline interstate livestock commerce by removing state barriers and agreeing

  • USDA Ready to Assist Farmers and Ranchers Affected by Winter Storms

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reminds rural communities, farmers and ranchers, families and small businesses affected by the recent winter storms that USDA has programs that provide assistance. USDA staff in the regional, state and county

  • How Often Should You Check Cows During Calving Season?

    The routine “calving check” is one of the most important tasks on the list of beef cattle producers during calving season. Most producers have their own plan for how often they give their calving herd the once-over,