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MATE Show 2012
This year's MATE show spilled into a couple of buildings.  You could find the big equipment in the Expo Center while all the Home and Health Show exhibits were in the Montana Pavilion.  If you couldn't make it, our KGHL cameras did to show you what you missed.
Russell Nemetz in front of the booth
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Ag Director of Northern Ag Network and part owner of KGHL, Russell Nemetz talks to visitors at the 2012 MATE Show.

Billings Farmhand 3

Billings Kubota 10

Billings Kubota 8

Bobcat of Big Sky 1

Bobcat of Big Sky 3

Northland Auto 2

Northland Auto 8

Northland Auto 4

Bobcat of Big Sky 11

Power Bench 2

NBS and KGHL 2

Northland Auto 6

Billings Kubota 14

KR Rauch 2

Yellowstone Implement 3

Musser Brothers 1

American Drilling 2

Billings Kubota 1

Billings Kubota 7

Yellowstone Implement 1

Musser Brothers 3

KR Rauch 1

Musser Brothers 5

Bobcat of Big Sky 8

Bobcat of Big Sky 4

Billings Kubota 11

Billings Rifle

Water Furnace 2

Power Bench 1

Project Meats 1

Bobcat of Big Sky 6

Project Meats 5

Russell Nemetz in front of the booth


MATE is in town

S&T Project Meats put on the feed

Grill Guards at Northland Auto

Kubota Orange

YCI and big Green

70 feet of toys

Billings Farmhand got the reds

Catepillar in Force

Unique toys in the Pavillion

Standing guard

MATE show 2012

West Feeds booth

Bobcat of Big Sky


Supporters of the Toy Auction

Massey Ferguson appears

Northland Auto is missing something

Made in America

Wilson's the name

Montana Seed and Grain

So that's what it looks like

The Long line of Orange

Need supplies

Go Green