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God Made Farmers

Remember this from last year's Super Bowl..

Voted the best ad of the Super Bowl, Ram Trucks use of the classic Paul Harvey broadcast, "God Made Farmers" stopped the entire day at my house.  If there's a better description of how KGHL thinks of farmers and ranchers across eastern Montana and northern Wyoming, I don't know where I'd find it.

If you missed the ad or the follow up commentary, here it is.


The family, shown in the screenshot below from the commercial "God Made A Farmer", actually happens to live right here in Montana. 

The family is none other than the Gustafson's, who ranch south of Browning, Montana on The Two Medicine River where they raise a cross of Angus and Hereford cattle.  Seated at the head of the table is Barr Gustafson, along with Barr's 13 year old son Owen (clockwise to the right in the photograph),  Barr's brother Wylie of Cut Bank, Barr's 14 year old daughter Greta, and Barr's wife Colleen.  (Did you notice the slab of beef in the center of the table?)

I spoke with Colleen Gustafson over the phone Monday morning.  I told her how people called me from Kalispell, Butte and elsewhere, noting how the rooms showing the Super Bowl went quiet, and people's eyes were filled with tears as the Dodge ad came on TV.   "Just wonderful, I had a tear in my eye too," said Colleen as she recalled watching the ad for the first time.  And what about having the iconic Paul Harvey's voice behind the ad?  "When we were kids, we had to be perfectly quiet when the weather came on, and when Paul Harvey came on the radio."

(additional information on Montana family from Aaron Flint, Northern News Network)

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02/04/2013 11:16AM
God Made Farmers
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this is so beautiful. LOVED it My Very Favorite.
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