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Get Your Concealed Firearms Permit

You can get your concealed firearms permit in just one evening March 26. 

KGHL has helped sponsor the work of police officer and expert firearms instructor Larry Raglione several times when he has come to Billings.  Now you have another chance to get your permit.

Larry will be at the Kelly Inn 5610 S. Frontage Road in Billings March 26 from 5-10 pm. 

You will have all the materials and instruction you need to lawfully carry a concealed weapon once you complete the course. 

If you'd like to sign up in advance, go to or call Larry at 503-781-6080 and you'll be all set.  This course is one we recommend at KGHL.  Larry's 40 years of law enforcement background is a huge reason for you to go to this program versus any other.

If you ever wanted to get your permit, and we talk to people everyday who say they do, next Wednesday will be a great time to do so.

Here's information for Montana residents from the Department of Justice on concealed permits.  There is a class in Cody March 27 if you can't make the Billings event.  The 2ndRights website link will have info on that event too.


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03/21/2014 9:12AM
Get Your Concealed Firearms Permit
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03/26/2014 11:03AM
Do you have to be 21 or is it ok if your 20 within a month of your birthday?
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