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Do You Use a Clock Radio to Wake?

Saw an interesting study today that made me wonder about KGHL listeners experience. 

The clock radio.

Is this another casualty of modern technology?  Do you still use a clock radio at home?  There is one on either side of the bed at home, but other than for the use of telling me what time when I stumble to the bathroom in the middle of the night, it doesn't do much.

According to the early returns, only about half of the respondents say they now use a clock radio to wake up -- and some of those don't wake up to a radio station. Of those who say they don't use a clock radio, their alarm clock of choice is a mobile phone or "some other way."

KGHL participated in the national research project that delivered these results with Jacobs Media.

"This speaks to why we do these surveys," JACOBS MEDIA Pres. FRED JACOBS said. "The assumption that most core radio listeners have a clock radio is faulty.  Like so many things in radio, assuming these people will simply set their station without reminders or encouragement is questionable, too. And, it also reinforces the importance of having presence on mobile phones."

Fred's comments highlight one of many reasons you can now get KGHL on your mobile phone free, be it Android or iPhone.  The KGHL app even has an alarm clock built right in.  So if you're one who wakes to your phone instead of clock radio, now you can still wake to KGHL.

We would be interested to know how you wake.  Enter it in the comments section below and thanks.

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01/20/2014 10:00AM
Do You Use a Clock Radio to Wake?
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